11-Ways to Prepare For Fire Season

Southern California residents need to be on alert now. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is urging residents to prepare for fire season. After such a dry winter, it is even more important to be mindful of how you can prepare your home with preventative measures to withstand the state’s hot, dry climate.
SOS Solutions proposes these 11 tips to help you to reduce the risk of fire damage to your home

1) Keep it Trimmed: Make sure you keep long-hanging branches cut six feet above the ground
2) End Before 10: Start your yard work early when the landscape is naturally dewy and the temperature is cooler, and finish up by 10 a.m.
3) Dismiss the Debris: Leaves, needles, and other yard debris needs to be cleared off the ground, gutters, and rooftop
4) Keep it in the Kitchen: Make sure a fire extinguisher is readily available in your cooking area, as cooks tend to spark flames from time to time
5) Chimney Sweep: Clean your fireplace chimneys and flues once every year, minimum
6) Detect and Protect: Place smoke detectors in living and sleeping areas, test them regularly, and replace their batteries at least once a year
7) Tools n’ Such: Make sure all heat-emitting tools are off when not in use, allow them to cool before storing, and replace frayed electrical chords
8) 100 Friendly Feet: Keep clear a 100-foot parameter around your home to increase the chance of it surviving a wildfire
9) Beware of Air-Freshener Plug Ins: Regularly monitor air freshener levels and unplug when you aren’t at home and when you’re asleep
10) Fish Tank Savvy: Ensure the power strip isn’t susceptible to contact with water
11) Electrical Power Strips: Never attach extension cord to into a power strip with multiple outlets, and do not plug appliances into power strips

SOS is a valuable resource for Southern California residents in need of hiring reputable contractors who specialize in fire restoration and fire-damage repairs. SOS Service Team has already verified and vetted each contractor and will schedule any needed contractor services for you, FOR FREE. The customer service center is open 24-hours, 7 days a week. You can also access the SOS online request form HERE.

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(SOURCE: Cal Fire News Release. “Cal Fire Increases Staffing in Southern California as Fire Danger Rises.” www.fire.ca.gov. April 2016.)

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