Is It Allergies Or Do You Have Mold In Your Home?


Seasonal allergies run rampant for some people when the seasons change, and summertime is the peak time of year for those allergic to mold. While there are plenty of mold species that merely trigger allergies, black mold in particular is known for its fatal effects. Here are a few ways you can stay safe and prevent  mold symptoms from hindering your summer fun.

Help keep family members free from allergies by cleaning your ventilation system once every few years. Many homeowners don’t realize that allergies are often triggered by dirty vents that constantly blow dust and mold spores into every room of your house.

“Forty million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis (aka hay fever), and mold is one of several triggers — especially in summertime.”
(CBS8. “Fight The Mold Allergy“. Brooks, Ellen.)

Be aware of areas with potential for long-term moisture such as basements, bathrooms and underneath sink areas. When moisture sits for too long it becomes a prime risk for mold growth. Some quick tips to prevent mold growth:

  • Wipe puddles or water immediately after showering and cooking
  • Scrub bathroom tiles with household cleaner to prevent mold growth
  • Remove wet carpet padding immediately if your carpet gets wet
  • Immediately address leaky pipes or pipes that break
  • Look for signs of plumbing leaks inside bathroom and kitchen cabinets, around the base of toilets and showers and behind appliances on a monthly basis

Attic spaces can also be a major source of mold allergies, as they can get very warm and humid. It can be a prime spot for mold growth because of moisture caused by humidity or roof leaks. Mold can be prevented using plastic tubs instead of cardboard boxes for storage of items. Items such as textiles, stuffed animals, and other fabric keepsakes should be kept in plastic bags to seal out moisture.

If you have concerns of toxic mold, such as black mold, in your house it might be best to have your home tested for this substance. Black toxic mold is increasingly dangerous if left untreated, especially since it is usually found in areas of your home that you don’t see every day (like under carpets and inside walls). The best way to prevent toxic mold is to control the humidity in your home by investing in a few quality dehumidifiers during the summer months and to address moisture issues and water damage immediately.

Call SOS Solutions for reputable, licensed, bonded and insured contractors that specialize in the proper removal of mold:

  • Labs that can test the mold levels in your home to ensure your home isn’t a toxic environment for you to live in
  • Licensed plumbers who can repair plumbing leaks
  • Certified contractors that specialize in properly cleaning and removing mold as well as cleaning air duct systems
  • Reputable water restoration companies that specialize in properly drying any wet areas or materials
  • Building repair contractors that can restore and remodel your home

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