Many homeowners looking to hire a contractor are not sure if they should search for a restoration contractor or a general contractor. Here is a helpful guide on the differences between these 2-types of contractors.

Specialty Contractors

Restoration Contractors specialize in restoring a property and mitigating loss.
General Contractors typically specialize in new construction, home remodeling and improvement.

Restoration Work vs. Home Repair Projects

Restoration Contractors approach projects with the focus of saving the building, which often involves demolition and removal of damaged materials. Also, their equipment is different from that of a general contractor.
General Contractors are focused on building new construction or remodeling an existing room or area of the home. Adding on a room or remodeling a bathroom, for example, are the types of repair projects they specialize in completing.

Certified Restoration Contractors vs. Licensed Contractors

Restoration Contractors specialize in restoration and are often certified by IICRC (Inspection Institute of Cleaning & Restoration Certification). IICRC is an educational program that teaches contractors the proper techniques for removal, cleaning and restoration of damaged building materials.
General Contractors are licensed with the State and often rely on and manage specialty sub-contractors who are experts in 1 or 2 trades (electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, painters, flooring contractors, etc.) that are needed to complete the repair project.

Insurance Claim Contractors

Restoration Contractors are often called in for a restoration project where the property owner files a claim with their insurance company. When water damage is involved, their work often involves removal of flooring and wet building materials and setting up drying equipment. However, they may not be licensed or may not specialize in completing the home repairs to put everything back the way it was before the damage occurred.
General Contractors are contracted by property owners and in many cases there is no insurance claim involved with the home restoration project. However, they will complete home repairs to replace any materials removed after damage occurs from a plumbing leak, water damage, smoke, fire damage or proper removal of mold.


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