Could This Happen To You?

Unfortunately, we have all heard nightmare stories of someone posing as a reliable contractor who walks away in the middle of a job after the homeowner has already paid them thousands of dollars. All too often, homeowners are left with an unfinished project that requires them to try to quickly find another contractor to finish the job and having to shell out even more money than they initially budgeted for to complete their home remodel project.

Avoiding Contractor Scams

The second important part to finding and hiring a trustworthy contractor is avoiding contractor scams that are more prevalent  than ever. These scams happen far too often when homeowners feel stressed and overwhelmed and are at their most vulnerable after their normal lives have been disrupted by an unexpected emergency that turns their home upside down. In these situations, many don’t take the time to make informed decisions and don’t see the initial signs after inviting a contractor scam artist into their home.

Contractors take advantage of a homeowner when they are in an emotional state of mind by telling them exactly what they need to hear to get hired. Unfortunately, what many homeowners don’t realize is that, it isn’t the promises made or what the contractor says but the small print in the contract they sign that is legally binding. This contract can be the difference between a homeowner having a recourse that requires the contractor to finish the job and complete repairs properly and having no recourse at all, should a situation arise with their work during or after repairs are completed.

Consider These 5 Steps To Avoid Scams:

1.  Be suspicious of any contractor who is only willing to give you a verbal cost estimate on a repair job. Reputable contractors will provide a description of the work to be done along with a price quote to complete your job in writing. Generally, they will honor quoted their price for a set time period as outlined in their proposal.
There Is One Exception To This Rule: Contractors who are Emergency Responders or who complete emergency repairs do not generally give a written cost estimate prior to starting emergency restoration services. They bill their services based on the time it takes and the materials used to complete each project.This is not unusual and is standard in the industry.
2. Don’t sign anything that is confusing or you do not understand. A common tactic used by contractors is to make contracts especially confusing, burying important information in multiple clauses and in fine print. Often those clauses hold the contractor harmless and are not designed to protect the property owner.
3. Don’t pay for the entire job or labor up front. In the construction industry, it is common for contractors to ask that property owners pay for materials in advance, but labor charges are usually paid upon completion of the work. Don’t be afraid to ask for receipts to verify materials purchased to ensure costs are what they should be so that you have a record to dispute any charges for materials unrelated to your project.
The California State Contractor’s License Board warns “California consumers who are considering hiring a painterlandscaper – or any other type of construction contractor – that it is illegal to ask for or accept a down payment of more than 10 percent of the total home improvement contract price or $1,000, whichever is less.”
4. Avoid the contractors who just happen to be in your neighborhood, soliciting door to door. Good contractors with established businesses have no need to solicit door to door.
5. Know Your Rights. In the State of California, a homeowner can cancel a contract within 72-hours or 3-days of signing it. Make sure you send a request to cancel the contractor’s services in writing, that the date of cancellation is clearly noted and that you create a paper trail by sending the cancellation via email, fax or certified mail.
Many people do not know that it is legal for a contractor to place a lien on a property if they are not paid in full for their services. This can happen even if the work completed is not to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Contractors often make promises to the homeowner that there will be no “out of pocket costs” for them to pay because their insurance will pay for their services in full. Despite these promises, far too many homeowners have had contractors place a lien on their home after they are unknowingly overcharged and their insurance company refuses to pay the contractor’s bill in full because the charges were deemed unreasonable or inflated.

You Are Not Alone

The process of finding a quality contractor can be daunting. SOS Solutions has simplified the repair process to save you both time and money. They do the work for you so you have assurance that the work is done right the first time and in the shortest time possible.

Take Advantage Of A Trusted Resource With SOS Solutions:

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