Avoid Being A Victim Of A Contractor Scam



If you unexpectedly have an emergency that causes damage to your home from a Plumbing Leak, Water, Mold or Fire, you likely will feel stressed and overwhelmed. You may not know who to call, who you can trust, where to begin to restore your home or how you will get your life back to normal. This is the time you are most vulnerable to being taken advantage of or at risk of becoming a victim of a contractor scam. Read the fine print on any contract you sign rather than believing what you are told or what the contractor says is in the contract. Contractors referred by others in the same industry may be receiving a kick back for their referral and it is these referred contractors that usually inflate their bill to cover the referral fee they pay.


SOS Solutions provides FREE HELP 24/7, saving you both time and money as we have already verified and vetted the contractors in our Network. As soon as you have damage, make SOS your first call. After determining which contractor services you need, we will call and schedule each specialty contractor for you. We also manage and oversee the entire repair project for you. Because of our experience working with over 25 different insurance companies, we can also answer any insurance related questions as well.


You can feel confident in knowing that you have an experienced specialist working on your behalf who will keep you informed during the entire repair process. The best part is that there is no charge for our services in calling, scheduling and managing trustworthy contractors for you.

It is our goal to not only protect you from contractor scams, but also to protect the financial investment you’ve made in your home.  With SOS Solutions, you can rest assured that you have someone you can rely on at a time when you need it most.



  • Locate Leaks & Plumbing Repairs and Re-Routes
  • Removal of Lead, Asbestos & Mold and Lab Testing
  • Water Cleanup, Dry-Down & Restoration Services
  • Fire Restoration Services & Smoke Odor Removal
  • Home Repairs, Remodeling & Reconstruction Projects


  • Contractor Dispatch Service Available 24/7
  • We Assess Which Contractor Services You Need
  • We Call & Schedule Each Contractor For You
  • We Manage The Entire Repair Project For You
  • We Are Here For You From Start To Completion


  • Verified & Vetted Contractors
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Proper Procedures Followed
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Important To Us
  • Will Work With Your Insurance Company
In the event an unfortunate accident does cause damage, home and building owners can call SOS for HELP 24/7. SOS will schedule contractors for them FOR FREE that have already been verified and vetted and will stand behind their work. SOS Solutions oversees the entire repair project for FREE, the moment damage happens until repairs are completed. Many of SOS’ contractors are approved vendors with insurance companies so you have additional peace of mind in using SOS’ Service Network. (www.TrustSOS.Solutions)

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