Free Help Available For Wildfire Victims

If you or someone you know lives within 2 miles of a wildfire, it is important to know that there is help available. This includes help not only for property owners whose homes suffer physical damage from fire but also for homes and property located within the adjacent area.

First and foremost, safety first. It is not recommended that you try to fight a wildfire on your own. It is best to evacuate the area immediately if instructed by Emergency responders and firefighters. Many people may not know that their Homeowners or Property Insurance Policy may provide coverage for relocating their household, including pets, for homes located in neighborhoods that have a mandatory evacuation requirements.

Your insurance may also provide coverage to remove ash, black soot residue and smoke odor from your home or around your property. This specialized cleaning should be done by certified contractors that can also remove Foscheck slurry dropped by firefighter airplanes from your roof, driveway or the landscaping as this substance may damage your property and can leave a permanent stain.

Because of smoke from wildfires as well as the heat wildfires generate, trees and shrubs can wilt or die. Thankfully, Fire is generally a covered peril under Property Insurance Policies and most will cover the cost to prune or replace them.There may, however, be a maximum dollar limit for each tree or shrub your insurance will replace. An Arborist can  assess the condition of trees to determine if they have suffered permanent damage that will prevent future growth.

Homeowners living in wildfire areas need to be aware of Public Adjusters. These individuals come to your home claiming they can assist you in getting paid for your damages from your insurance company. Public Adjusters or an associated law firm may circulate fliers inviting you to attend a meeting held in your neighborhood or community where they will try to encourage residents to retain their services. They may tell you that they can get you thousands of dollars from your insurance company, which they may be able to do. The truth is, this is money you would be entitled to without their help. You should know that they do charge for their services, even if they tell you that they don’t. They may take 10% to 40% of your insurance money if you choose to hire a public adjuster, which can be significant amount to give away when you’ll need it to pay to have your home and property restored.

Be informed. Learn more about Public Adjusters before you hire them or their emergency restoration contractors and avoid becoming a victim of a contractor scam.

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Article courtesy of Jenee’ Child, CEO of SOS Solutions.

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