Prevent Water Damage Cleanup Costs – Tips To Prevent Your Swimming Pool From Overflowing & Flooding Your Home

Owning a swimming pool can have both benefits and drawbacks. If you paid to have a pool installed, you know how costly installing a swimming pool can be. If you own a home with a pool then you are aware of the increase in monthly expenses associated with pool maintenance and the high electricity costs in running the pool equipment. There is also the added cost and  increase in your water bill to both fill a swimming pool and to maintain its water level to prevent the pool filter motor from burning out. Installing solar panels is known to significantly lower pool utility costs and with options to either purchase or lease solar panels, installing solar panels is now an affordable option.

Many homeowners do not think about the possibility of a pool overflowing after a prolonged rainstorm or heavy downpour. However, the water level in your pool can quickly rise causing it to overflow and flood your backyard and your home. Installing drains around your pool deck and making sure the drains are clear of leaves and debris are key. It is good to put a plan in place to drain water from your pool before its water level reaches within a few inches of being level with the pool deck.

If you live in a hillside area or mountain community, flooding and mud slides are common occurrences and are even more likely to occur after wildfires. Check your property for any landscaping or sloped hillsides that may contribute to routing water towards your home. Installing an underground drainage system can help re-route water that accumulates after a rainstorm, if your pool overflows or if your yard is flooded.

The amount of rain water that sheets off of roof slopes in a heavy downpour or extended rainstorm is often more than you may realize. Installing rain gutters and downspouts combined with an underground drainage system can also help prevent water from pooling at the base of your home’s foundation and seeping through the exterior walls to the interior of your home.

Placing sand bags to route water away from your home can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary water restoration and repair costs as water that does seep into your home can damage walls, insulation, flooring and your personal property. Local fire department stations often provide sandbags to residents to help prevent unwanted situations such as these that are common occurrences during the rainy season.

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