The Cost Of Water Damage Restoration & Mold Removal Can Be Expensive – Is Your Personal Property Covered For Flood or Mudslide Damage?

If you do not own a home, the threat of flooding or a mudslide is not generally a concern to you. You also may not think you need to purchase insurance to cover your personal property items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, art, jewelry, firearms, knick knacks, etc. until after damage has already occurred.

Purchasing a Flood Insurance Policy is key if you live in an area where flooding or mudslides may occur, which is more likely after a heavy rainstorm. Flooding and mudslides are more common in hillside areas and mountain communities, especially after wildfires have burned trees, shrubs and vegetation.

A Renters Insurance Policy is designed to cover your personal property while at your place of residence. It also covers your property away from where you live while you are in route, traveling or even if your property is at another location or in a storage facility. It does not, however, cover damage to your property caused by flooding, mudslides or water which seeps into your residence through an exterior wall as this is coverage a Flood Insurance Policy provides.

Renters Insurance generally provides coverage for theft, vandalism, vehicle damage, water that enters due to a roof leak; plumbing or appliance leaks and fire damage as well as a few less common unexpected events.

If you are considering buying insurance to protect your property, ask your insurance agent about the cost of getting “replacement cost coverage” as well as purchasing an “all risk” verses “named peril” policy. There may also be applicable endorsements available that increase your coverage limits or expand the types of coverage available.

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