Your Insurance May Cover Flood & Mudslide Damage

True Story: “My Insurance Initially Denied My Claim” 

One of our clients recently posted a review of SOS Solutions’ services on Google as a testimonial:

“SOS Solutions were very helpful, they were with us every step of the way. Graciously they helped our tenants in getting money from his insurance and we were able to process a claim after the insurance said it was not covered. Thank you SOS.”  ~ Hanan W.

Many people do not realize that Homeowners and Renters Insurance Policies usually do not cover flood or mudslide damage. These policies exclude coverage for water which seeps through walls, flooding and mudslide. However, these can cause extensive and costly damage to walls, flooring, cabinets and personal property.

For the average person, attempting to clean this type of damage on their own can be daunting. Removing mud, water and properly drying a home to ensure mold doesn’t grow inside the walls should be done by professional water restoration contractors that specialize in doing this type of work. After the mud is removed, interior wall and flooring materials, insulation, and cabinets must also be discarded and drying equipment placed to dry out the home before repairs can begin.

Many people, in reporting their claim to their insurance company and explaining what happened, use words that often are a contributing factor to their claim being denied. The initial cause of what first started the flow of water that floods a home or causes mud to enter a home will determine whether the claim is covered or not. It is important that your insurance company  properly investigate what caused the damage before they either deny or afford coverage for your damage.

In the testimonial referenced above, both the homeowner and their tenant reported that mud entered the home and both of their insurance companies denied their claims. When they called SOS Solutions for help with cleaning up the mud and water, we asked the right questions and found out the initial cause of the mudslide was due to a vehicle hitting a fire hydrant which flooded the hillside and caused mud to enter the home. Vehicle is a covered peril under most insurance policies.
The homeowner and tenant both submitted these facts to their insurance companies and both of their insurance companies changed their positions and provided coverage for the costs of water restoration, cleaning and repairs; for replacement of non-salvageable property items that were considered a “total loss” and had to be thrown out; and for loss of rental income for the homeowner as well as relocation expenses for the tenant.

Having an insurance background, claims adjusting experience and knowledge of what is and isn’t covered by insurance is an asset for our clients. We provide our clients’ personal service in calling and scheduling all of the contractor services they need for them. We don’t just give them the names of contractors to call themselves like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. This is why choosing SOS Solutions over AngiesList and Home Advisor is a better choice, plus our services in scheduling and managing the contractors is free of charge. 
SOS Solutions offers free help to Southern California property owners in calling and in scheduling emergency restoration contractors and in overseeing and managing the repair process for them. Call SOS Solutions now at 1-888-589-1868. Visit our website at www.TrustSOS.Solutions for home maintenance tips on plumbing, water and fire and to learn ways you can protect your health and your home from mold, lead and asbestos.


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