Wildfire Cleanup Efforts Are Under Way 

Southern California Homeowners Get Free Fire Restoration Contractor Help To Restore Damaged Homes

In the aftermath of the recent wildfires impacting Southern California residents, homeowners are doing their best to tend to the detailed cleaning needed to get rid of the ash and black soot residue, clean the Foscheck slurry used by fire fighters to contain wildfires and to remove smoke odor from the interior of their homes, crawlspaces and attics.

Most property owners are surprised just how extensive the wildfire’s ash, oily black soot residue and smoke odor is as it penetrates even the most remote areas of their homes. The high winds, which so commonly accompany wildfires and cause wildfires to spread so rapidly are a contributing factor.

Homeowners living within a couple of miles of where wildfires burned could find soot inside closed cabinets and drawers, ash near exterior crawlspace and attic vents as well as around sealed window sills and doors. Remnants of the soot oily residue can also be found on windows and ash on flat surfaces like counter tops, furniture and flooring throughout the home.

Cleaning On Your Own Can Cause More Damage

The detailed cleaning needed to remove soot and ash can be  time-consuming as it requires special cleaning methods and cleaning products to break down the oily soot residue for the cleaning to be effective. Homeowners attempting to do this cleaning on their own may find that this causes the black soot and ash  to permanently set in, leaving black streaks, discoloration and staining. Some have found that it looks even worse after cleaning was attempted than before.

The type of cleaning required on the exterior of the home’s surfaces can be just as daunting. Both soot and red Foscheck slurry can settle on top of roofs, skylights, in crevices of exterior walls, on walkways, driveways, trees and landscaping. The best method to remove these and prevent further staining is to thoroughly pressure wash these areas. Swimming pools and jacuzzi’s may require several cleanings to fully restore the water quality and to prevent staining on the gunite and bordering tile surfaces.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Wildfire Cleanup

Thankfully, Homeowners Insurance Policies do provide coverage for the type of specialty cleaning required and for it to be done by certified, professional fire restoration contractors that specialize in cleaning both the outside and interiors of homes.

Hire Professional Fire Restoration Contractors

Southern California Fire Damage cleanup and restoration contractors have geared up to handle the volume of calls coming in from property owners. The number of property owners who have suffered damage from wildfires continues to increase as many realize they don’t have the time to attempt to clean the damage on their own.  Most just want to quickly restore their properties and are anxious to get their lives back to normal and that the fastest way to do this is to hire professionals.

Take Advantage Of Free Services Available

SOS Solutions offers free services to Southern California home and building owners in calling and scheduling each of the specialty fire and smoke restoration contractors needed for them as well as managing the overall repair process from start to completion. SOS Solutions’ contractors’ specialize in pressure washing, detailed cleaning to remove ash, soot and Foscheck slurry, upholstery cleaning, smoke deodorization, as well as fire damage repairs.

Call SOS Solutions now for your free assistance at 1-888-589-1868. Place your trust in our 30 years experience helping homeowners manage contractor services and let us handle this for you so you do not feel overwhelmed. Visit our website at www.TrustSOS.Solutions for more home maintenance tips and to learn more ways you can protect both your home and your health from damage involving fire, water, mold, lead and asbestos. 


CEO - SOS Solutions, Inc.

Article courtesy of Jenee’ Child, CEO of SOS Solutions. Jenee’ Child has 30-years claims adjusting experience and has personally handled hundreds of wildfire losses for numerous insurance companies. She started SOS Solutions, Inc. to help protect home and building owners from being taken advantage of by contractors. Her goal is to help property owners so that they have the help they need in dealing with contractors and so that they hire reputable and trustworthy contractors to quickly restore their properties.

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