What Does Your Homeowner Insurance Cover?

  • Damage caused by your pet? (YES or NO)


  • Theft of jewelry, cash, artwork, guns? (YES, NO or LIMITS APPLY)


  • Damage from a plumbing leak? (YES, NO or SOMETIMES)


  • Flood damage? (YES or NO)


  • Damage from a Mudslide (YES or NO)


  • Termite damage? (YES, NO or SOMETIMES)


  • Water damage from a Toilet backup? (YES or NO)


  • Vehicle damage? (YES or NO)


  • Roof damage from a Fallen Tree caused by wind? (YES or NO)


  • Removal of fallen tree from roof? ((YES, NO or LIMITS APPLY)





Most insurance policies have exclusions for damage caused by pets and domestic animals. They also exclude damage caused by termites.

Theft of jewelry, cash, artwork and guns are covered under most insurance policies, however, limits usually apply. You can purchase an endorsement to increase the coverage limits or purchase a separate policy to specifically insure high value items for their actual value.

In general, most insurance policies cover water damage that is caused by plumbing leaks. They likely will not cover the cost of any plumbing repairs. If a leak or water issue has been ongoing over any length of time, even for as short a period as one week, coverage for the water damage repair costs may be denied.

A separate Flood Insurance Policy should be purchased as flood and mudslide are both excluded under home and building policies. Water damage from a toilet backup is commonly covered under most insurance policies.

Home and building damage resulting from a vehicle collision or impact from a moving object is covered. These policies, however, are not designed to cover any damage to the motor vehicle.

Repairing a damaged roof if a tree falls on it, whether it was caused by wind or not, is generally covered under your insurance. Limits generally apply to coverage for the cost to remove the tree from the property.


CEO - SOS Solutions, Inc.

Article courtesy of Jenee’ Child, CEO of SOS Solutions. Jenee’ Child has 30-years claims adjusting experience working with numerous insurance companies and has personally helped thousands of home and building owners after they have had their homes, businesses or buildings destroyed from plumbing leaks, water damage, fire damage, vehicle damage or mold.

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