Guide To Smoke Odor Removal & Smoke Deodorization

The amount of smoke from a wildfire or even smoke due to a house fire can penetrate the walls, ceilings, attic, crawlspace in your home as well as your personal belongings, furniture and clothing. Breathing in smoke, ash and soot can be harmful to your health. People with low immune systems like the elderly or infants or who have respiratory problems can be even more at risk. Unfortunately, typical cleaning methods and airing out a home do not work. It is not easy to get rid of smoke odor after fire damage. Smoke deodorization is a complicated process.
Typically, our first thought when a home catches fire is to worry about whether a home has sustained fire damage (ie. fire damage to a roof, fire damage to walls, fire damage to flooring, fire damage to cabinets, fire damage to plumbing, fire damage to electrical, fire damage to insulation, fire damage to appliances, fire damage to furniture, fire damage to clothing, etc). However, homes are not just impacted by direct contact with flames from a fire that cause homes to burn or a home to catch fire.
Depending on the type of fire, the black soot residue and smoke odor can penetrate your home and everything inside of it,. The process of how to get rid of smoke odor and fire damage cleanup after a fire can be daunting. Hiring certified smoke removal contractors and companies that specialize in removing smoke odor and in fire damage restoration is key. 
Without understanding that these specialty companies exist, many homeowners throw away furniture and clothing that can easily be cleaned with the right methods. Often times, general cleaning methods can cause even more damage or permanent staining to occur. There are contractors that specialize in HVAC cleaning and ductwork cleaning, which can greatly improve the air quality inside of a home. And many homeowners or tenants do not realize that this specialized cleaning by professional smoke removal contractors and relocation from the home until this cleaning is done is covered by their insurance.


Smoke Removal Contractors & Fire Damage Cleanup Companies

To properly address fire damage and smoke odor removal in your home, it is recommended to hire certified smoke removal contractors and fire damage restoration contractors that specialize in:
- HVAC Cleaning and ductwork cleaning to improve air quality in the home
- Removal of ash and soot from insultation and cleaning in attics or crawlspaces
- Removal of ash and soot from the exterior of the home, walkways, driveway
- Removal of ash and soot from swimming pools and jacuzzi's
- Cleaning of ash and soot from inside cabinets and on floors, countertops, walls and ceilings
- Smoke Deodorization and getting rid of smoke odor from inside the home
- Smoke Removal from furniture, bedding, clothing
- Removal of Foscheck dropped from firefighter airplanes and firefighter helicopters


Wildfire Prevention, Fire Damage Restoration & Insurance FAQ's

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