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Are You Ready For Wildfire Season?

ARE YOU PREPARED? Wildfire Season Prevention Tips Often times, people will try to fight wildfires on their own. Given the unpredictability of the direction a wildfire can take when winds are involved and the extreme heat from its flames, it is not recommended that...

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MOLD QUIZ – Do You Know The Facts About Mold?

TAKE OUR "MOLD QUIZ"  How much do you know about Mold?   Is it abnormal for mold spores to be found in your home? (YES or NO) Is it abnormal for mold spores to be found outside of your home?  (YES or NO) Is mold harmful to your health? (Always, Never,...

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Do You Have A Fire Escape Plan For Home & Work?

It is incredibly important to make sure that everyone in your home (especially young children) are fully aware of how to not only help prevent fires, but how to be safe when the risk of one is present. There are the basic tips for how to handle the...

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Infographic – Prevent Water Damage & Mold Growth

INFOGRAPHIC  Prevent Water Damage and Mold Growth  SOS Solutions is Southern California property owners’ most trusted Contractor Network for hiring qualified, reputable and trustworthy contractors when emergency damage happens. If you have a plumbing leak or your home...

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Can You Recognize The Signs When Your Home Has Damage?

CAN YOU RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS? Does Your Home Have Damage? Mold and water damage are clear signs that your home either has a plumbing problem or other water intrusion issue. The sooner these are identified and addressed, the better chance you have of minimizing repair...

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Avoid Being A Victim Of A Contractor Scam

ARE YOU AT RISK WHEN YOUR HOME HAS DAMAGE? Avoid Being A Victim Of A Contractor Scam     If you unexpectedly have an emergency that causes damage to your home from a Plumbing Leak, Water, Mold or Fire, you likely will feel stressed and overwhelmed. You may...

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