Ebook – How to Survive the Financial Impact of Smoke and Fire Damage


A Quick Read Guide to minimize stress and maximize recovery by gaining a better understanding of the insurance claim and contractor repair process after your home and property suffer damage:

  • Get a better understanding of what Fire Insurance Policies cover
  • Learn how an insurance claim is adjusted
  • What to expect from the insurance claim process
  • How to document your insurance claim to maximize your recovery
  • Which expenses does Fire Insurance cover? (ie. housing, hotel stay, relocating & boarding pets, meals, laundry, mileage, increase in utilities, etc.)
  • How to claim additional money owed you for your damages
  • What options are available if you are not happy with your insurance settlement
  • What is a Public Adjuster & what is their role?
  • How to hire an Insurance Appraiser to negotiate your insurance settlement
  • How to hire a contractor you can trust
  • How to avoid contractor scams
  • What is the most you should pay a contractor to start work?
  • How to read and understand a contract before you sign one
  • What options do you have if problems arise with a contractor or their work?
  • What to expect during the repair process after hiring a contractor
  • How to get rid of smoke odor
  • How to properly remove soot and fire damage from your home and property
  • How to avoid contamination if your home has asbestos or lead
  • What is Foscheck slurry and how to prevent permanently stains to your property
  • Free resources for fire victims
  • Resources for hiring contractors, checking contractor license status, insurance claim requirements, fire safety & prevention tips

Read only the chapters that matter most to you.

View the book’s Table of Contents for a summary of the information and the number of pages included in each chapter.

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